Would you like to enjoy a family holiday by towing a caravan? Know that you could now increase your spacing when you think about camping on a site. Indeed, you will be able to install a caravan awning. Combining comfort and living space, it has become an essential part of your vehicle. Have you ever heard of it? Did you know that you can buy one online? If not, zoom in on the advantages of the caravan awning, the reasons for buying one online, and the criteria for choosing this accessory.

Why choose the caravan awning?

The caravan awning is also known as a "folding caravan" or "caravan tent". Thus, it is a polyester or PVC canvas installed in front of the entrance of your caravan. From its name, it is mounted on rigid profiles in the shape of an awning. Choosing to use the caravan awning therefore confers several advantages. The folding caravan has four fronts with one or more openings. In addition, these are made of transparent fabric to diffuse light and brightness inside. This awning therefore allows you to enlarge your living space while camping. Indeed, it can be used as a room apart from your space in the caravan. You can make it a living room, a dining room, a relaxation room, ... A carpet is also installed on the floor where the awning is mounted. This accessory gives you more comfort and space during your caravan holiday. In addition, some models are very aesthetic. If your caravan is then a little worn, you can hide it with this accessory while you stay on a camping site. You just have to choose one in the right size. The caravan awning is therefore portable, it can be dismantled when you decide to set up camp.

So why buy your caravan awning online?

You will find several direct manufacturers or distributors of caravan awnings online. This purchase option is very convenient and reliable. Compared to a physical shop, selling caravan awnings online offers an unlimited model catalogue. You even have the opportunity to order a custom-made awning from an e-manufacturer. Online, you can buy a folding caravan anytime and anywhere. Moreover, you can place an order in a foreign country or region. Indeed, most e-merchants offer a delivery service for your order. But you can also get a very good deal by buying your awning online. With the extent of competition in the sale of this product, the price offered by merchants is very competitive. You may then be able to find a quality caravan awning at a reduced price.

So how do you choose your caravan awning?

To choose your caravan awning, you should start by measuring its dimensions. You have the choice between measuring your caravan awning completely or partially. If you want more space, or if you're going away with your family, prefer an awning with the same lengths and heights as your caravan. But for a small budget and if you travel alone, you can always minimize the length of your folding caravan. Next, think about the material and the weight (weight of material per m2) of the canvas making up the awning. You can choose between a polyester or PVC fabric. Both materials are waterproof and weather-resistant. However, polyester is lighter than PVC. You must also consider the climate of your destination when choosing the thickness and weight of the canvas.