What are walking sticks for?

The use of special poles is mandatory for Nordic walking. Practical, these accessories save time and are beneficial for the upper body muscles. Move quickly with little effort Practiced on flat ground, Nordic walking requires the systematic use of accessories….

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The different types of backpacks for hiking and trekking

Hikes usually require a backpack to easily carry water, food, extra clothing and other necessities. Because backpacks for hiking vary greatly in design, capacity, fit, and features, it can be difficult to know what type of backpack to buy. Therefore,…

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Criteria for a good choice of hiking boots

Walking in the woods on a rigorous hike becomes more exhilarating with each step. But are your feet as excited as you are? Your feet do most of the work on a hike. It is therefore important that they have…

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Guiding yourself on a hike: connected watches and GPS

Only two decades ago, personal and portable GPS devices for hiking struck the hiking world, allowing anyone to know their exact position on the planet, in a country, and even at a specific location. However, as the world of technology…

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