A mobile home is a leisure residence and must obligatorily be installed in a campsite. Many families take advantage of it to spend their holidays or weekends. Whether they are owners or tenants, they can enjoy a natural and charming environment. They will also be able to take advantage of all the animations and services presented by the campsite. So, this article will give an overview of the reasons why you should buy a mobile home?

A mobile home doesn't cost much and VAT is recoverable

When comparing the price of an apartment with that of a mobile home, it is obvious that there is a large difference. A new mobile home is cheaper and more affordable. You can buy it even by your own means, if that makes it possible without having to borrow money from a bank. In some cases, if you borrow from the bank, the tenant pays the debt. This price of a new mobile home has a great advantage, since it avoids the production of this circumstance. Paying directly for a new mobile home at 25 or 35 euros is completely feasible instead of buying real estate. This is a great opportunity for those who wish to make a more modest investment. In addition, you can reclaim the VAT for the purchase of a mobile home. You will be able to recover 10% of the VAT on the rental price of your pitch every year.

Buying a leisure mobile home is fun for the whole family

The purchase of a new mobile home allows you to give pleasure to your families. You can enjoy great comfort with the affordable price of a new mobile home. Owning a mobile home means that it is always available for you as much as you want: for holidays, weekends, or even to settle in for a month. You will no longer need to rent to be able to move around. The pleasure residence must be installed on the campsite. Therefore, the campsite is a green space which offers various animations and leisure activities, such as sports halls, heated swimming pool. Your stay in your mobile home will therefore be a pleasant one.

Investing in a mobile home is a profitable market

You can buy a mobile home to devote to holiday rentals. The rental demand does not present any risk. Be aware that it is possible to find tenants throughout the year, especially if your mobile home is a top-of-the-range model and is installed in a 4-star campsite. So, if you want to attract a maximum number of tenants, opt for a campsite with multiple resources. Moreover, subletting a mobile home can be easily managed. Some campsites offer management from A to Z, in other words from the beginning to the end of the holiday.