It is true that there is an abundance of offers for generators. Nevertheless, it is very important to choose a device capable of meeting your needs in order to make your investment profitable. But what are the parameters to check to make the right choice?

What are the different ranges of generator sets?

On the market, you will find three types of generator sets. Diesel generator sets are mainly used in construction sites. They are very noisy, but also very powerful. In the long term, they are the most economical. In addition, they are very robust and can be suitable for intensive use. Three types of power supply can be distinguished. The single-phase ones are easy to use, but the power is reduced. On the other hand, three-phase supplies are reserved for powerful appliances. Mixed-phase supplies can be adapted to any type of appliance. Gasoline generators are the most common. They are single-phase, versatile and can be suitable for domestic use. Whether the motorization is 2 or 4-stroke, the power varies from 1.5 to 6 KW. Therefore, they cannot compete with diesel models. Their advantages? They produce less noise than their counterpart. For starting, you can choose between a device equipped with a starter or a manual starter. Finally, the soundproof generators can meet all expectations. The motorization goes from 2 to 4 strokes. It is a model of silent generator set. They are less bulky and easy to use. But the power is limited to 2KW. They are sometimes equipped with a petrol engine. This is the preferred option for outdoor activities and occasional outdoor work. Note: There is also another type of group less known: the Inverter generator set, a 4-stroke device. It is capable of restoring a current almost equivalent to that of the EDF network.

But what are the criteria for choosing a generator set?

The choice of the power depends essentially on the work to be carried out. In order not to make a mistake, list all the devices to be connected to the group at the same time. The weight is also an important element. If you plan to move the machine frequently, it is better to turn to a group mounted on a wheeled chassis. And in order not to disturb the neighbourhood, it is strongly recommended to turn to a silent device. This will also ensure better comfort for the users. In addition, to avoid exploding the bill, check the consumption and the capacity of the tank. The autonomy must be adapted according to your needs. Are you looking for a practical model? Go for an electric start. Other options may also be useful. For example, units with oil temperature control automatically stop the unit in the event of overheating. The thermal circuit breaker, on the other hand, cuts off the current in the event of a fault.

How to extend the life of a generator set?

If you have an electric starter, use it regularly to recharge the battery. This will ensure a long service life! When it is running, if you notice any anomalies, switch it off and repair any faults immediately. In addition, carefully follow the manufacturer's instructions for maintenance and operation. Filters and fluids must be changed regularly to boost the performance of the appliance and avoid breakdowns. Similarly, lubricate the moving parts at regular intervals. This is an important step in order not to damage the unit. Most importantly, place your electric generator in a dry and clean place, away from heat sources.