The central bed is located at the rear of the motorhome and is accessible from both sides. This type of bed is usually found in high-end motorhomes. For maximum comfort, a centre bed with a custom-made mattress is the ideal sleeping arrangement. The mattress is generously dimensioned (up to 160 cm wide) so that you will feel at home in a real bed. Sleep is a priority for most people. The central bed is therefore the ideal layout given the comfort it offers. The latter has many advantages, in fact, in some models, it can be raised to increase the size of the hold. In fact, each motor home has its own central bed. There are indeed different shapes of central bed for motorhomes. The following article will enable you to make the right choice of bed and mattress for your motorhome.

Advantages of the centre bed and mattress

The classic motorhome bed is the central bed. It is particularly suitable for those who prefer to sleep in comfort. It is located at the rear of the motor home and extends forward to provide a great sleeping area. A layout almost resembling traditional accommodation. You have ideal accessibility as you can lie on the camper mattress with the central bed on three sides. There is no need to step over your spouse when you need to get out of bed for your needs (drinking water, going to the toilet, etc.) or to get in to sleep. The dimensions of the bedding, on the other hand, will satisfy everyone, not to mention the excellent quality box spring. The layout of the bed as well as the space saved on both sides makes it possible to fit camper van mattresses up to 160 cm wide. In some motorhomes you can have a door that allows you to close the room.

Mattress for centre bed of a motorhome

Indeed, there are mattresses specially designed for the central beds of motorhomes. Before leaving for your dream destination, remember to check that your bedding is up to the task. Choose the highest quality mattress for your touring car, which is thermo-regulating, thick (between 11 and 23 cm, depending on your needs), comfortable and perfectly suited to your back. When choosing the mattress for the centre bed of your motorhome, certain parameters must also be taken into account, such as the thickness of the mattress that suits you, the shape of your bed, your budget, the distance of your journey, etc. And to ensure optimal back balance, try to favour mattresses that absorb all pressure points.

Opt for a plant-based mattress to make the most of your nature holidays

Since at the moment we favour everything organic, there is also what is called natural bedding, do you know what it is? Some manufacturers design their mattresses with bamboo plant fibres. The mattress cover is made of bamboo fabric. A textile of natural origin acting as a barrier against all types of allergens, with zero chemical treatment. A natural protection against dust mites. Bamboo is also a thermo-regulating and absorbent fibre. It allows you to sweat less when you sleep in hot weather. It moderates your body heat so as not to disturb the quality of your sleep. Therefore, in order to respect the environment, opting for a plant mattress is a beneficial option for you and your family and friends.