Published on : 01 June 20202 min reading time

The use of special poles is mandatory for Nordic walking. Practical, these accessories save time and are beneficial for the upper body muscles.

Move quickly with little effort

Practiced on flat ground, Nordic walking requires the systematic use of accessories. These are called walking sticks and help the athlete to propel himself. Indeed, thanks to them, the legs are less tired and the walker can move around easily.

Compared to a classic walk without these accessories, the walker covers 1 to 2 kilometres more per hour. This means that he takes longer steps, while his arms contribute 20% of the effort.

Before buying this type of pole, it is recommended to check the percentage of carbon inside it. In order to reduce the impact of vibrations on the arms and joints, it is better to choose models with a high percentage. These are light and promote your dynamism.

Refine your silhouette by working your upper body muscles

Aimed at improving your physical qualities and your well-being, Nordic walking also helps to keep you in shape. Indeed, with walking sticks, the muscles of your upper body are solicited. These accessories help to work the muscles of the back, shoulders and arms. This sport is particularly suitable for people with back problems, as it helps to improve their posture.

In addition, the balance naturally provided by the bust and arms is accentuated by the use of these accessories. This balance is transmitted to the joints, especially the hips and knees, which are not subject to any stress. Your cardio-vascular system is mobilised and your figure is refined more quickly.

Choosing the right walking poles

To better preserve your joints and enjoy maximum tone, it is best to choose walking poles that fit your size. During propulsion, their gauntlets or straps should make it easier to open your hands. In this way, the movement will be smooth and fluid.

In addition, between telescopic poles and single-bristle poles, it is better to choose the latter, which help to protect your joints. As their name suggests, they have a single tube to avoid vibrations.

However, telescopic models are recommended (but not mandatory) for hiking. Equipped with several strands, they adapt to different types of terrain.